Event Marketing and Management

Case Study: Early-Stage Medical Device Company

Motivation and Priorities

Our client’s Chief Marketing Officer wanted to give clinicians a memorable hands-on experience with a new diagnostic breath test during a series of large-scale educational events. The project’s goal was to develop a streamlined process and tools for administering the test, capturing participants’ data, analyzing the results and providing personalized take-aways.

The event environment and staffing limitations described by our client suggested a unique set of requirements :

  • Self-contained offline data storage and processing
  • Usable by non-technical event staff
  • Option for data anonymization at point of submission
  • Option for rudimentary segmentation of participants
  • Automated “rolling” data analysis
  • Batch creation and printing of personalized take-away documents
  • End-to-end branding


Meridian built a Microsoft Excel-based demonstration tool that combined single event setup and data-entry screens with VBS macros that automated data storage, analysis, document creation and printing. By including prompts and documentation within the tool, our team ensured that the client’s event staff could easily set it up and operate it–even with little or no knowledge of Excel. By locking down and hiding all of the tool’s vital functions, Meridian also shielded the client from behind-the-scenes complexity and reduced the risk of accidental breakage while making it possible for more advanced users to adapt or expand the solution.


Using Meridian’s interactive demonstration tool, our client administered its breath test to thousands of event participants and helped them understand the practical value of the resulting diagnostic data. Just as important, the company received broad exposure within an important target community of potential users and left participants with a personalized reminder of the experience.

Meridian brought exactly the right combination of vision and execution to this project, understanding our company’s business requirements and anticipating how the tool would be used by our staff in the field. It performed far above the specifications we set. Thanks to Meridian for asking all the right questions up-front and delivering on a demanding timeline.

–Chief Marketing Officer

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