Meridian Venture Services helps clients use numbers to understand the world around them so that they can make better decisions, manage their organizations more successfully and communicate more effectively with a variety of important audiences. Our goal is to bring the power of quantitative research and analytics to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

By combining a client’s internal information with specialized data from a wide range of external sources, our analysts can offer new fact-based perspectives on markets, finances and operations as well as valuable insights into customers, suppliers and employees. At the same time, we also work closely with clients to build and support their own planning and measurement capabilities.

Over the years, we’ve developed four distinct ways to work with our clients. These alternatives give us the flexibility to build relationships tailored to each client’s unique goals and priorities as well as their existing internal resources.

Decision Support.

Decision Support Projects help clients define specific point-in-time planning or performance questions, collect and analyze relevant data, and integrate this information into their decision making. These projects can be particularly valuable for entrepreneurs, private investors, and management teams who are developing or evaluating assumptions or building models. Common examples include:

  • Market Mapping
  • Customer Profiling and Segmentation
  • Prospect Scoring
  • Product and Service Portfolio Analysis
  • Site Assessments and Traffic Studies
  • Financial Performance Analysis
  • Business Valuation Perspective

Process and System Design.

Process and System Design Projects help clients generate a reliable flow of high-value strategic management information within their own companies. From executive dashboards, financial reporting, customer relationship management (CRM) and web analytics to supplier evaluations and employee surveys, these projects focus on building the information infrastructure that helps managers oversee their businesses more effectively.

Strategic Planning and Performance Review.

Strategic Planning and Performance Review Programs help clients get better results through directed planning sessions and monthly or quarterly executive team briefings. By designing high-performance processes and participating directly as a trusted adviser to senior management, we encourage greater focus, objectivity and accountability as well as more productive feedback and follow-up.

Benchmarking Networks.

Benchmarking Networks help groups of clients confronting similar management challenges understand their own performance and identify specific areas for improvement. These managed networks allow individual companies with limited resources to have shared-cost access to extremely valuable management information without revealing sensitive internal data directly to competitors.